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Campaign Overview

Suggested Reading

  • If you are bored and need something to read, Sunward:pages 94-108 is a good place to start.
  • The short stories at the beginning of each book are very good. “Lack” is particularly excellent.
  • The first few chapters of the Core Book.
  • The core book has a page in the back for influences. Also a good place to check out.
  • Ghost in the Shell series is pretty relevant.

Players and Characters

Austin – a mercenary fighter type with a history.
Donna – a techie who works with the spaceship captain.
Jess – possibly a techie
Morgan – a spaceship captain and surgeon without a ship.
Patrick – Con-artist
Phil – infiltrator/spy type.

The story so far

  • None yet.


Vital People

  • Eva Freeman – Direct Action contact for Ryu and John

Past Personages

  • Handsome Brothers – A group of identical mercenaries defeated by Ryu.
  • Karel Altman – A ex-pathfinder employee retrieved by Ryu, John, Vicki, and Frances.

Main Page

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